SAZERAC DE JUSTINE • bourbon, absinthe, Creole bitters ~260, C. Club ~320, Rye ~380

HORSE’S NECK • bourbon, Aromatic bitters, ginger ale, lemon ~250

MANHATTAN • bourbon, sweet vermouth, bitters
~260,   C. Club ~320, Rye ~380

ROB ROY • Scotch whisky, sweet vermouth, bitters ~250

OLD FASHIONED • bourbon, bitters, sugar, soda
~240, C. Club ~300, Rye ~360

YANK IN BLIGHTY • Earl Grey infused bourbon, sweet vermouth, orange bitters ~260

~ask about our bourbon & rye in stock~


JUNGLE BIRD • Bacardi Superior Rum, Bacardi Black Rum Campari, lime juice, pineapple ~260

AÑEJO HIGHBALL • 5-year añejo rum, triple sec, lime, bitters, ginger beer ~320 

TYPHOON • Sangsom, Bacardi Black Rum, passion fruit, lime ~200

MUAY THAI PUNCH • Sangsom, Bacardi Black, triple sec, lime, orange, grenadine ~200



THE ROBERT FROST • bourbon, sherry, white port, orange bitters ~300

PORTUGUESE MANHATTAN • bourbon, port, orange bitters ~270

MA CHERI • sherry, fresh mint, tonic ~220



BANGKOKIAN • vodka, triple-sec, lime, roselle ~250

TEE YAI  • tequila, lime, chili-cinnamon syrup, Thai hot sauce, orange bitters ~280

EAST SIDE • gin, lime juice, mint, cucumber, sugar ~280

PEGU CLUB • Tanqueray gin, orange liqueurs, lime juice, bitters ~320

HENDRIK’S G&T • Hendrik’s gin, cucumber, tonic ~360


THE ORCHARD • gin, lychee, lemongrass, lime, soda ~260

ISAAN CAIPIROSKA • 100% rice spirit, vodka, tamarind juice, lime, ~200

MOSCOW MULE • WTF ginger infused vodka, ginger beer, lime, bitters ~320

THE VAN GOGH • absinthe, gin, dry orange liqueur, orange & Creole bitters ~320

MOJITO CON CERVEZA • mojito with Bacardi Superior Rum, topped with beer instead of soda—like a refreshing shandy (and you get the rest of the beer!) ~380


FRENCH 76 • gin, prosecco, lemon, sugar ~320

LA VIE EN ROSE • rosé prosecco, cognac, bitters, sugar ~340

MOULIN ROUGE • rosé prosecco, cognac, pineapple ~340

PROSECCO ROYALE • prosecco, cassis liqueur~320

DEATH IN THE AFTERNOON • prosecco, absinthe ~380