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November 19th, 2011
Exhibition by PROXY
30 November 2011 – 13 January 2012
Opening Reception: Wednesday 30 November 2011, 7pm
WTF is pleased to announce an exhibition of companion multimedia works by Proxy on the 2nd and 3rd floor of WTF Café and Gallery, curated by Josef Ng.

Taking an ambiguous, almost tragicomic stance in interpreting an assortment of loaded placeholders, objects themselves from the realm of visual communication – film, video and web – they examine with forensic obsession the traces of abandoned data that underpin both public and private sagas.

The show features Anthem, a video installation spliced together from discarded 35mm film fragments salvaged from the floor of the Siam Theatre, 07:21, a multi-element installation and (Opposite) View, a CCTV video piece. 

Anonymous Bangkok-based collective Proxy have been working in the realm of public intervention and media installation on the street and in art galleries since May 2010.

Their recent works include The End, a three-metre-high stencil painted onto the perimeter fence of the former Siam Theatre on May 19th, 2011, and Interruption, a rooftop intervention, complete with anthem, commercials and a screening of the epic Gone With The Wind.

The End, designed to imitate a movie end title slate and unavoidable from the BTS platform, greeted bystanders for four days before being painted over on May 24th. Interruption meanwhile, featured, alongside the first blockbuster to hit the cinema forty-three years previous, a yellow-jacketed usher and Hollywood searchlights that lit up the demolition pit. The piece ended with film sputtering out of the projector gate and the insertion of the title card: ‘Please Stand By. We apologise for the interruption.’

As Proxy work anonymously, their background data has been redacted.