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Flamingo: Photography Exhibition by Kachain Wongleamthong

July 28th, 2012

Opening Reception:
Wednesday 1 August

FROM 2 – 29 August

WTF gallery is pleased to announce the photography exhibition, Flamingo, by Kachain Wongleawthong.

Kachain Wongleawmthong, one of Bangkok’s leading editorial and commercial photographers, will present his first solo photography show at WTF, from 3-29 August 2012. As one of the leading photographers in Thailand, Kachain has photographed portraits for the most well known magazines and on highly visible commercial assignments. After 12 years of work suppressed by the market’s demands he is eager to express his artistic voice free from constraints. 

In any typical art “scene,” artwork is often defined by its ideological value. Kachain refuses to go along with this. He declares a strong affinity for anti-commercialism as well as an anti-art or anti-theoretical stance, disparaging the conventional market-driven art world in favour of an artist-centered creative practice, similar to the Fluxus movement of the1960’s which “played an important role in the opening up of definitions of what art can be.”[1]

All the images are taken using the Polaroid process which envelopes images with a mysterious veil that seems suited to capturing the overlooked beauty and poetry of the everyday, even the banal. The works are also the out-takes from Kachain’s commercial assignments whereby his portraits of models and celebrities on Polaroid film with the same setting as his digital camera, yet the Polaroids portray another world that seems more immediate, less posed, with an essential “being theren-ess” that digital cannot achieve.

Kachain’s approach captures subjects in a similar way to Andy Warhol’s celebrity Polaroids — with a hollow, brash, trashy transience, that conveys the intimacy and melancholy beauty of not caring about anything, above all the client.

Kachain Wongleamthong graduated from Faculty of Fine Art, major in Photography, Rangsit University. He is always interested in how portraiture captures the personality and the soul of the subject. His reputation as a photographer became widely known and associated with his ability to stimulate a subject’s emotion and character in the photographs, rather than relying on technical skills. He is currently head photographer of A Day and Hamburger magazines. For more information, go towww.wong-kachain.com

Tate Online, Fluxus, Performance, Participation [1]