‘A Tale of Phantoms’ Category

Nitimonster: A Tale of Phantoms

September 22nd, 2013

Opening Reception:
Friday 4 October 2013

4-31 October 2013

WTF Gallery is pleased to announce a conceptual art exhibition “A Tale of Phantoms" by Nitimonster. The exhibition is the continuation of the “The Story of Invisible Men” (2012) exhibition previously exhibited by 16 artists in various venues around Chiangmai. “A Tale of Phantoms" comprises video, installation, public art, performance, and participatory art, discussion about forgetfulness, ignorance, and the consequence of injustice law.

The systems and power structures of our society are the tools to label certain ideologies or movements against authority. However, state or social authority cannot fully terminate the voice of rebellion which is like a phantom who haunts the consciousness of society from generation to generation. Using a forgotten history as a catalyst, the viewer will see how power and authority can manipulate logic and thought processes, confuse ideologies — of what is right and what is wrong until you embrace “accepted” ideas or you resist until you are excluded like a phantom – an enemy of this world.
The exhibition examines the process of shaping social structures and how human beings place themselves within it voluntarily or rebel against it.
Nitimonster is a network of citizens from Chiang Mai. We engage art as one of possible approach to discuss politically with the society and a belief that the essence of art has its own political power.