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Daniel Thaiger burger x WTF

May 27th, 2016

You can now order a Daniel Thaiger burger at WTF Gallery & Café —Mr. Steve or Cowboy— (fries too) available 5pm-9:30pm, Tuesday-Sunday!

With free sides of air conditioning and good tunes! Just imagine enjoying a Mojito Con Cerveza, listening to Fela Kuti while waiting for a Mr. Steve burger…


Good People, Good Words: Products

May 7th, 2016

Good People, Good Words products still available! 

"Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art." — Andy Warhol

After stonking success in Geneva, Perth, Birmingham, Gwangju and Cleveland, “Good People, Good Words” in partnership with Bangkok’s most groundbreaking space — WTF Cafe & Gallery — is finally coming to Bangkok to showcase their most iconic concept. 

With over 30 sq meters of clean white loft space, using Kinfolk as a role model, in an almost unique shophouse building, it is without a doubt an absolute first for Bangkok – the City of Angels Mahanakorn. Its huge variety of six or seven products is carefully curated and designed by their own designer, from fashion to homeware to sports equipment, encompassing T-shirts, tote bags, ashtrays, enamel mugs, water buckets, ping pong sets and two or three more must-have items. All designs are classy and unfussy to let the shape of the object speak for itself. 

The name “Good People, Good Words” is a reference to good people who speak good words that are well worth recording and collecting for the generations to come so they can learn of the wisdom and sacrifice of these heroes who have singlehandedly snatched the country back from the edge of darkness.

All products are limited edition and for sale at affordable prices until stocks run out. Come quick as the range is sure to sell out fast, and remember: any shop that just pops up might not be there tomorrow if some other good person with good friends urgently needs to build a mall there.





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WTF Café & Gallery 
7 Sukhumvit Soi 51, Wattana, Klongton-Nua, Bangkok 10110

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DJs, live music, poetry and more!

March 3rd, 2016

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Always free, always fun!



Jirawut Ueasungkomsate: This Is Not A Political Act

March 3rd, 2016

4 March – 3 April 2016

Opening Reception: Friday 4 March, 7pm
WTF gallery is pleased to announce the contemporary art exhibition “This Is Not A Political Act” by Jirawut Ueasungkomsate from 4 March – 3 April 2016.
This Is Not A Political Act is Jirawut’s first solo exhibition in Bangkok. The exhibition aims to raise questions about how art can be perceived and what influence restrictions from a highly nervous society and repressive power structure have on the dialogue between artist and the viewers.
Intrigued by an atmosphere where discussion and expression in art and culture are driven into dark corners, and ambiguities proliferate until it is almost impossible to determine what is being said, but where for the same reason everything seems obscurely freighted with meaning – where sandwiches and t-shirt sleeves somehow speak louder than words – Jirawut has decided to turn a typical “white cube” gallery into an uncomfortable space that more aptly bodies forth the circumstances of its creation than the even bright light of reason that viewers have come to expect. 
To guide them through an almost pitch-dark room, viewers will be given a torch to see the work, which consists of 15 low-resolution portraits of people who have gone missing — most of them unknown to the public. Each portrait is accompanied by a dimly lit phrase to help viewers decode the story of each individual insofar as it can be decoded, leaving a generous margin for their imagination, suspicions and prejudices to bloom in the murk. 
On the opening night at 8pm, there will be a special ceremonial event attended by those affected by and connected to some of the figures portrayed in the exhibition. We encourage all participants to arrive on time. 

Jirawut Ueasungkomsate (b. 1986, Bangkok, Thailand) is a filmmaker and video artist with an MA degree in Experimental Film from Kingston University, United Kingdom. He obtained his BA in Archaeology and Anthropology from Silpakorn University in Thailand and also achieved BTEC HNC in Fine Art from Kensington and Chelsea College. His work has been exhibited in several group shows in galleries in the UK and Thailand including ‘Ghost Nowhere’, SEA ArtsFest 2013, London, UK and ‘Distance, between the journeys’, Tadu Contemporary Art, BKK, Thailand.
The exhibition is made possible by Amnesty International Thailand and Justice for Peace Foundation.
Visitor information
WTF Café & Gallery 
7 Sukhumvit Soi 51, Wattana, Klongton-Nua, Bangkok 10110
BTS: Thonglor Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday, 4-10pm 
Free Admission
For further information please contact:
Somrak Sila 
Tel: (66) 2 662 6246, (66) 89 926 5474


Jedsada Tangtrakulwong: Traverse

November 25th, 2015
28 November – 30 December 2014
Opening reception: Saturday 28 November 2015, 1900h
Artist Talk: Saturday 28 November 2015, 2200h
The exhibition will be part of the closing party of Galleries’ Night organised by Embassy of France Thailand
The site-specific installations in this exhibition are inspired by the artist’s experience of walking through a 2.5 km road tunnel. At first he was fearful of the darkness and silence and the sense that the tunnel stretched on into infinity. But after 20 minutes he found himself slowing his pace and a strange calm overcame him, filling him with a certainty that there would be light at the other end. Logic had nothing to do with it: any road tunnel has two ends. It was the strength of his feelings that surprised him. 
In the gallery, Jedsada has built two covered passageways from different materials. Some are reused, recycled materials from other artworks, if only to reduce waste and the sheer amount of stuff that litters the art world.
The complex passageways use every inch of the small exhibition spaces to prolong the viewer’s engagement with the work, promoting mindfulness and positive thinking.
Bangkok based artist, Jedsada graduated with a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, USA (1999). And an MFA from the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, UK (2006). 
His work is often site-specific and he undertakes extensive research before articulating the format and concept, with inspirations drawn from multiple sources. One work builds on another as he tries to formulate his ideas more fully, and he frequently reuses materials to achieve greater sustainability. His materials are often humble, including wood, fibre, wire, tin, string, paper and a plethora of found objects.
Long-term preoccupations include the integration of works into architectural structures, with a view to encouraging viewers to explore and interact intimately with the surroundings and allowing them to explore their unexpected beauty.
His works has been exhibited extensively both in Thailand and abroad since 2007. His solo shows include Clutch – Gallery Seescape Chiang Mai (2015), Swing – Tadu Contemporary Art Bangkok (2014), Shatter – H Gallery Chiang Mai (2014), Downfall – Bangkok University, Bangkok (2013), Stand and Fall – KunstDoc Project Space, Seoul Korea (2009). 
He also participated in group exhibitions in museums and galleries all over the world including Distance Between The Journeys: Surface Arts, Sluice Art, South Bank, London (2015), Beyond Walled Enclosure: The 9th Taehwa River Eco Art Festival Ulsan, Korea (2015), Secret Archipelago – Palais de Tokyo Paris (2015), Art Stage Singapore  (2015), Hotel Art Fair – H Gallery, Bangkok (2014),  Nava 13 – Espacio de Creacion Contemporanea, Cadiz Span (2013).
Visitor information
WTF Café & Gallery 
7 Sukhumvit Soi 51, Wattana, Klongton-Nua, Bangkok 10110
BTS: Thonglor Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday, 4-10pm 
Free Admission
For further information please contact:
Somrak Sila, Tanya Yodsrimueng
Tel: (66) 2 662 6246, 


Top Changtrakul: Dreaming Out Loud

October 21st, 2015
15 October – 7 November 2015
Opening Reception: Thursday 15 October 2015, 7pm
Dreaming Out Loud will be the 7th solo exhibition in a 20-year long career as an artist, creative director, teacher and art instigator. Top is drawn to the reasons why people make art and the why and where of inspiration for his own his artistic expression. 
Intrigued by his vivid nocturnal dreams and images, he decided to experiment with various ways of generating and capturing  the extreme, colourful and bizarre visions of his sleeping world. He decided that this sleeping life is his life awake and a genuine truth of himself; a truth, calling and justifying from within to make another art exhibition. 
“ I usually don’t have long dreams, most dreams that I had are very short and jumpy much like when you are fast forwarding or rewinding the VDO tape, but once in a long while I had these long dreams where I am fully aware of my surroundings and being able to remember everything from the start to the finish and that is why I think it might be worth while to share it with my friends”  and now to a larger audience…

The exhibition comprises 3 different dreams interpreted and articulated into the three different installations. All of them experienced in 2014 when he awoke in awe of the vivid dream-state and decided to recorded them immediately.
Top Changtrakul is Bangkok a based artist and creative director of Farmgroup. He graduated with a MA in Fine Arts in New Genres/Performances from San Francisco Art Institutute, California. He had been in group and solo shows in New York, Korea, Bangkok, Finland as well as the Venice Biennale. His work is known for creating puns, expressing wit and hilarity as well as sarcasm. 
“Changtrakul’s pieces clearly function as Duchampian puns, resonating the wit and subversive humour of an artist well-versed in histories of the readymade, Conceptualism and Fluxus”  (Extract from review of Top’s New Inventions II Exhibition in New York in 2001 by Sirin Thada)
Visitor information
WTF Café & Gallery 
7 Sukhumvit Soi 51, Wattana, Klongton-Nua, Bangkok 10110
BTS: Thonglor Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday, 4-10pm 
Free Admission
For further information please contact:
Somrak Sila 
Tel: (66) 2 662 6246, (66) 89 926 5474


RUMBUSTION: Bangkok Poetry w/ Jeffery Lewis

August 23rd, 2015

For this event, the theme is "Broken, Broken, Broken Heart" — a line we ripped-off from our special guest…Jeffrey Lewis! 

All of the performances spaces have been booked. But, if you’d like to be on the waiting list, please email: email . If one of the scheduled performers cancels, or doesn’t show, we will go to our waiting list. 
If you’re not familiar with him, Jeffrey Lewis is a phenomenal musician and comic book writer/artist from the U.S.. He’ll be performing a solo set at the end of the evening. Jeffrey Lewis will have artwork for sale as well! (If you dig him, be sure to check out his full band performance at Play Yard by Studio Bar on Thursday: .)
Bacardi and WTF proudly present “Rumbustion” – a series of creative events sponsored by Bacardi to celebrate the the exuberance of rum!
WTF Gallery & Café showcases a carefully chosen and creative list of DJs, live music, food, performance, film and more! At each party we’ll feature a special Bacardi rum cocktail.


Weatherproof // PhotoBangkok

August 23rd, 2015
[in collaboration with BACC]
4 – 30 September 2015
Opening 4 September,  7:00 pm.
‘Weatherproof’ is a collection of contemporary photography by 6 Thai artists—Angkrit Ajchariyasophon, Dansoung Sungvornveshapan, Miti Ruangkritya, Rasiguet Sookkarn, Soopakorn Srisakul and Withit Chanthamarit. The exhibition presents the truth of the uncountable catastrophic damage caused from the natural phenomena; Tsunami (2004), Severe Flooding (2011) and Earthquake (2014).
The natural phenomena are unavoidable and unpredictable. However, their aftermaths show the repetitive failures in management which are extremely deficient and inefficient. It is undeniable that the images shown to public repeatedly express loss and cruelty. Nevertheless, all 6 artists turned to present the other side of those tragedies. Their photos reflect the aesthetical dimensions that you will never ever see in any normal situation like they want to cover the everlasting phrase…Aow Yuu…Aow Yuu (under control)
Ark Fongsmut
Angkrit Ajchariyasophon
Dansoung Sungvornveshapan
Miti Ruangkritya
Rasiguet Sookkarn
Soopakorn Srisakul
Withit Chanthamarit
WTF Café & Gallery 
7 Sukhumvit Soi 51 Wattana Klongton-Nua
Bangkok 10110
BTS: Thonglor Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday, 4-10am 
Free Admission
Jorge Carlos Smith
Tel: (66) 2 662 6246, (66) 81 893 5698


BrandNew Art Project: Rodwiroon Wannakaew

July 29th, 2015
August 4 – August 30
OPENING August 4 – 6:00pm


Bangkok University Gallery is delighted to invite you to BRANDNEW Art Project 2015 which has been organized for tenth consecutive year. Since the initiation, the project has been supported by both governmental and private sectors and many contemporary art galleries with the cooperation of art teachers and students from many universities which are Bangkok University, Silpakorn University, Chulalongkorn University, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, 
Burapha University, Srinakharinwirot University, Chiang Mai University, Khon Kaen University and Mahasarakham University. 
The project aims to sustain young artists to develop their own creativity. Each year we invite international acclaimed Thai or foreign curator to select artists for the project with hope that those selected artists will gain experience and learn to develop their works which will promote them into international contemporary art network. This year (2015) we invite Mr.Nguyen Nhu Huy; independent curator, visual artist, art critic and poet from Socialist Republic of Vietnam, who has experience in running art project that point up the relation of Past and Present and also running alternative art activities in diverse spaces. This year, the selection process is intense same as usual.
For the exhibition at WTF, we’ll exhibit the work by Rodwiroon Wannakaew – installation of movable objects, electronics appliances, Thai local kitchen utensils and audio installation to depict Thai way of living and beliefs. 
WTF Café & Gallery 7 
Sukhumvit Soi 51, Wattana, Klongton-Nua, 
Bangkok 10110
BTS: Thonglor Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday, 4pm-10am 
Free Admission
Somrak Sila 
Tel: (66) 2 662 6246, (66) 89 926 5474


Wonderful Thai Friendship II

May 22nd, 2015

29 May – 24 July 2015
Opening Reception on Friday 29 May 2015, 1800h

Over the past 5 years, WTF Cafe & Gallery has operated on the core belief that art and artists matter profoundly to our society, and can meaningfully contribute to shaping civic dialogue and creating a better society. We support artists in their efforts to move the needle of social justice and to reveal new ways of looking at and understanding our world. As a result, our commissions range from the wondrous and uplifting to the unnerving and provocative.



In the last couple years, we’ve witnessed drastic changes in our country. The last coup has created more conflicts rather than solving them, and created confusion both even within and among groups who may have felt they had a stake in bringing this change about, because once the ‘good people’ were in charge, the violence and political shambles would magically come to an end.

At the height of the protests that preceded the coup back in 2014, WTF gallery curated the exhibition ‘Conflicted Visions”, aiming to create dialogue among the polarised artists and intellectuals who felt the urge to expressed their feelings through art – be it by criticising official policy, using art as a propaganda, or reflecting their confusion, anger, pride and doubt. While “Conflicted Visions” could hardly hope to singlehandedly unblock the dialogue channels between different ideologies, it did raise the question whether we can ever actually have disagreements over fundamental beliefs and ideologies without becoming overwrought. “Conflicted Visions is about reaching beyond prejudices” (Bangkok Post, 9/04/14).
A couple of months later, the military once again seized power openly and formed an authoritarian government who’s chief purpose is to reduce the country once again to a single vision. By doing that it has reduced the concept of human rights and freedom of speech to almost nothing, and this attitude has spilt over even into areas that have nothing to do with political conflict such as simple natural justice or compassion.
In view of the arbitrary detentions and intimidation that followed, the media, academic and art worlds have been virtually silenced with only a few brave non-visual artists or academics fighting relentlessly with the authorities.
Because many artists are silent, WTF tried to think of new ways of prodding the community out of its current stagnation and ennui – and turned to people who are not by profession artists at all for fresh eyes and a fresh perspective. This is not simply because we are giving up or abandoning the artists who have been shackled by authoritarianism, but because we would like to explore the boundaries of art – whether it can express an outright rejection of conventionally defined criteria as a means of defining what art is, and isn’t, and if it is still art if it is done by non-artists who understand themselves as such. 
We invited 13 non-artists to create their art under the theme of “Wonderful Thai Friendship II”. This was the theme that inaugurated WTF gallery with 13 traditional artists when we first opened our doors to Bangkok in April 2010. 
The participants this time are: 
Brian Curtin, art critic & curator
Gene Kasidit, singer-songwriter
Yuki Kunchon, vintage shop owner
Gregoire Glachant, magazine editor
Gabriel Camelin, visual communication lecturer
Shallow News In Depth, political satire show
Patrick Winn, journalist
Romain Dupuy, art director/bar owner
Sanya Souvanna Phouma, club owner/restaurateur
Nikan Bow Wasinondh, curator
Ka-ge Mulvilai, performer/producer
Kong Rithdee, journalist/critic
Christopher Wise, photographer/bar owner
The participators are allowed to interpret the theme in any way they want, or ignore it completely.
The exhibition comprises seven art installations, two photography sets, two video installations and two paintings. The ultimate goal of this exhibition is at all not about the quality or the content of the works, but it focuses on the process of the making as well as perspective and attitude of the creators as well as the viewers. The results have been surprising, ranging from serious social commentary to satirical and lighthearted approaches. 
Some of the works reflect or address social issues that are often overlooked. These include the daredevil behavior of bus and taxi drivers in Bangkok, the acceptance and awareness of sexuality, inequality and nepotism arising from the latest political changes, or the passing hysterias created by the 24-hour news cycle. Other participants take a different perspective to art, commenting on the demimonde or the fashion identity of Bangkokians, the endless recycling of the fads of yesteryear, and the so called role of patronage in the arts. Yet another group focus their creations, perhaps more traditionally than many traditional artists, on generating positive energy or finding beauty in the quotidian – accepting, in other words, that the country has changed so it can stay essentially the same. 
This Exhibition is made possible by Bacardi. 
Special thanks to: Nicolas Buchele, Wesley Hsu, Varsha Nair, Jaruphan Phan-in, Makha Sanewong Na Ayuthaya, Ar-tara Satraroj, Nguyen Tien Tu and Tanya Yordsrimuang
Somrak Sila
20 May 2015
Visitor information
WTF Café & Gallery 
7 Sukhumvit Soi 51, Wattana, Klongton-Nua, Bangkok 10110
BTS: Thonglor Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday, 4-10pm 
Free Admission