February, 2017

Kritsada Duchsadeevanich & Tawan Wattuya: Condemned To Be Free

February 14th, 2017

Curated by Penwadee Nophaket Manont

Contemporary Art Exhibition

15 February – 31 March 2017 

Opening Reception: Wednesday 15 February 2017, 7pm at WTF Gallery


Special talk: “Man is Condemned To Be Free” at 7.30-8.30pm


- Assistant Professor Kasem Phenpinant, PH.D., Head of Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University

- Assistant Professor Pandit Chanrochanakit, PH.D., Currently teaching at Faculty of Politic Sciences, Chulalongkorn University

- Kritsada Duchsadeevanich (artist)
- Tawan Wattuya (artist)
Moderated by Penwadee Nophaket Manont
(Talk is in Thai and free of charge)

‘Man is condemned to be free’ : this declaration by Sartre is at the heart of his major philosophical work Being and Nothingness and his famous polemic Existentialism Is a Humanism.

WTF gallery is delighted to announce ‘Condemned to Be Free’ by Kritsada Duchsadeevanich and Tawan Wattuya, curated by Penwadee Nophaket Manont from 15 February – 31 March 2017. We’d also like to invite you to join the talk on the topic ‘Man Is Condemned to Be Free’, which will focus on the interpretation of freedom and its limits that are often used as an excuse to stop searching for truth in our society.

The curator harks back to the existentialism Jean-Paul Sartre developed in his magnum opus Being and Nothingness, written in the middle of World War II, which diagnosed the fundamental ‘nausea’ of European modernity as terror in the face of our own boundless freedom.

Sartre, the curator suggests, may be due a revival. Once again the old certainties are crumbling, the facts are losing their solidity, and confused and frightened populations are fleeing into the arms of leaders who propose simple solutions to complex problems, pledging to protect normal people from the wilderness out there.  

Thailand has seen its share of confusion, and in the name of making everything simple again our thoughts and freedom are heavily controlled by the authorities, mob pressure and the media bubbles in which many of us choose to exist. The question is whether we can face up to the realization that that there are in fact no answers ‘out there’, that the world simply is, and that it is up to each individual to build his own house on these shifting sands.

The two artists, Tawan and Kritsada, were chosen by the curator not only for their political and social perspectives, but for their willingness to throw their own cherished beliefs into question.

Kritsada creates a site-specific installation to experiment with input from the viewer and raise questions about the process of finding freedom in searching for the truth. The idea behind this work derives from the realisation of his freedom to change his attitudes towards political perspective during the past few years. Through his works and his daily life working in an art institution, he has witnessed the dividing community within his work place. It caused him to raise questions and understand the possibility of freedom to search for the truth.

Tawan’s work, by contrast, deliberately restricts his own freedom to make finished works, seeking instead to paint prisoners, in quick watercolour, in the jails where they languish. With this method, he invites the audiences to discover what it is like to be creative when your freedom is severely limited — but also whether a paradoxical kind of freedom can arise from being ‘thrown’, as the existentialists liked to say, into circumstances not of your choosing.

About Artists

Kritsada Duchsadeevanich (b.1984)
Kritsada graduated with a BFA in Art Theory from the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University. He is known for his witty perspective, expressed in his art writing and criticism. His writing communicates straightforwardly and always challenges the audience to think from different angles. His works include Phenomena & Prophecies: Manit Sriwanichpoom exhibition, an article in the exhibition catalogue for Motion Emotion by Aree Soothipunt, as well as other exhibition criticism and reviews in art magazines. As an artist, he was also selected to participate in several group exhibitions, such as The Traces of Siamese Smile at BACC (2008), Thailand-Taiwan ThaiTai A measure of Understanding (2012), and Graduated Emergence exhibition at Number 1 Gallery, Bangkok (2013). He was selected twice for the Brand New Art Project (BUG, Bangkok University) as a Brand New Artist in 2009 with his project Art Project: 24hrs. Art Gallery and Brand New Critic in 2010. Since 2012, Kritsada has been a curator for the Art Centre, Silpakorn University with Miscellaneous Abstract – an exhibition under the Art Collection Silpakorn University Project, followed by RE-PLEASE Art Project (2012-2014), A4 Art Gallery Project (2012), WE=ME ASEAN art exhibition (2013), GlobaLIKEzation exhibition (2014), and recently with [un]forgotten – photography exhibition and Ready, Set, Go! ASEAN art exhibition (2015), Project Art Page in BAM Bangkok Art Map (Vol. 05,06,07-2015), Please Do Not Leave Me by Amrit Chusuwan (2016), Two Men Look Out Through the Same Bars:
One Sees the Mud, and One the Star (2016).

Tawan Wattuya is known for his unique approach to watercolor and thought-provoking subject matter. Tawan’s choice of watercolour as a medium is a deliberate attempt to convey the speed and dynamism of contemporary society and explore its complex contrasts. His paintings are always poetic but nonetheless provocative in terms of his critical engagement with corruption, globalization and hypocrisy. With art residencies in several countries in Europe, the US, Asia and South America, Tawan has chosen to view his homeland from a distance, studying the social and political situation from afar in order to bring more layers of understanding and greater depth to his work. His work has been exhibited extensively in Bangkok, Singapore, Beijing, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Brisbane, and Brussels. Recent major solo exhibitions include BLINDED, DIGINNER Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2016; When Water Beats, Art et Plus Gallery, Paris, France, 2015; Dek Oey Dek Dee, Toot Yung Art Center, Bangkok, 2014; Like a Virgin, Alliance Francaise, Brisbane, Australia, 2014; Tii Tai Krua, Chula Art Center, Bangkok, Thailand, 2013; and Fading Nostalgia, Yang Gallery, Beijing, China, 2012.

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