Stay Tuned for AKA-WTF 5th Year Anniversary

May 29-30, 2105
Sponsored by Bacardi!


Notorious for innovative art & culture programming and craft cocktails, WTF will celebrate its 5th anniversary by working with artists and craftsmen in Bangkok to create a 2-day festival.

WTF is a gallery Also-Know-As a great neighborhood bar, thus the aim of this year’s festival is to showcase Bangkok’s fast growing art & craft scene by blurring the borders of celebarted local creative minds.

We will encourage artists and craftsmen to be Also-Know-As — to embrace their discomfort zone and cross the line into another area that they are not normally familiar with or known for, in order to create a one-off art and craft product or performance with the extra spice of the unexpected

and a sense of play. We want to challenge both creators and viewers to unleash their imagination in an area of creativity unknown to the public.






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