March, 2015

We Got Mezcal

March 31st, 2015

To help massage the palates and stimulate the tastebuds of Bangkok’s tipplers we are making a concerted effort to suitcase in small batch mezcals. Just ask what we have in stock for  flight of 2-3 varieties or try it in a cocktail — Oaxaca Old Fashioend or A Touch of Evil 

Stay Tuned for AKA-WTF 5th Year Anniversary

March 10th, 2015

May 29-30, 2105
Sponsored by Bacardi!


Notorious for innovative art & culture programming and craft cocktails, WTF will celebrate its 5th anniversary by working with artists and craftsmen in Bangkok to create a 2-day festival.

WTF is a gallery Also-Know-As a great neighborhood bar, thus the aim of this year’s festival is to showcase Bangkok’s fast growing art & craft scene by blurring the borders of celebarted local creative minds.

We will encourage artists and craftsmen to be Also-Know-As — to embrace their discomfort zone and cross the line into another area that they are not normally familiar with or known for, in order to create a one-off art and craft product or performance with the extra spice of the unexpected

and a sense of play. We want to challenge both creators and viewers to unleash their imagination in an area of creativity unknown to the public.






How much should this art cost?: Build Your Own Bangkok

March 10th, 2015

WTF Gallery would like to invite you to participate in ‘How much should this art cost?’ as part the “Build Your Own Bangkok” exhibition, which aims to experiment and test the art market in Thailand and have collectors generate the value of a piece of artwork during a gallery show.

One of the most common issues in mounting an art exhibition by a new or upcoming artist in Thailand is pricing. “Price too high, the art won’t sell. Too low, and it might look cheap and not worth investing in.” In the larger art markets, art auctions are a common tool for the market to decide on the value of artistic creation. 

WTF gallery wants to experiment and see how an auction model can work during a show of an artist who is just defining herself as an upcoming creative force.

WTF gallery and  Kathy MacLeod handpicked the most anticipated and collectable piece in the show to offer at auction throughout the period of the show. By silent bid—yourself at the gallery, via phone or email—we’ll display bids at the gallery and inform bidders as the price increases. By the end of the show, the price will be announced to the public and presented to the highest bidder. It’s you who will tell us how much you’d like to pay for art. Don’t miss out!

Chinatown, 2014
Ink and water-colour on paper
75 x 100 cm
Current Bid: 15,000 Baht
Bidding Period: Thursday 12 March 2015, 1800h (+7 GMT) – Sunday 3 May 2015, 2200h (+7 GMT)
If you wish to bid on this art, please email or call 089 926 5474 and let us know the following:
- Your name & last name
- Phone number
- Bidding price (starts at 15,000 Baht, please bid in increments of 1,000THB)
- You are (you can choose more than one): art collector, first time art buyer, friend & family of the artist and/or gallery or others (please specify).
***Please note that your bidding price is excluding 7% VAT.***