VS Sounds: Spiritual Jazz by DJ Maft Sai

Thursday March 15th

Hennessy Cocktails: from classic to Thai inspired
DJ Maft Sai: Spiritual Jazz— From his rare all-vinyl jazz collection

Entry will be free to guests — first come, first serve.

Hennessy VS is known for introducing the refined taste of superior French Cognac to a global audience. WTF Gallery & Cafe is known for it innovative, yet classically executed cocktails* and for it’s adventurous art and culture programming.

Starting on March 15th Hennessy VS and WTF will be launching a monthly cocktail and music series: Very Special Sounds. A special menu of cocktails developed by WTF and featuring Hennessy VS will be on offer — with recipes for customers to take away. Each month DJs and live musicians will perform undiscovered genres, new takes on classic tunes and show off  impeccable tastes. The evenings, like the flavors of Hennessy itself, will be a "BOLD, yet HARMONIOUS BLEND… with DELICATE NUANCES.” Each night will be an intimate celebration of special flavours, specials sounds and special company.



Current Schedule:

March 15th

DJ Maft Sai: Spiritual Jazz— From his rare all-vinyl Jazz collection: Archie Shepp, Yusef Lateef, Pharoah Sanders, Sun Ra, Dorothy Ashby, Norman Conners, Don Cherry, Steve Reid, Moondog and the like. (In the 1960’s jazz musicians began to explore new thematic and musical ideas, often associated with non-western religious and musical traditions. The new ’spiritual jazz’ became a vehicle for exploring new musical and non-musical concepts, as well as for extended self-expression, laying bare "a mirror into the self.”)

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