Prapat Jiwarangsan: I will never smile again

Installation Art Exhibition
Opening Reception: Thursday 2 February 2012, 7pm
2 February –31 March 2012
Artist kindly asks your corporation to only wear black and white color when attending this opening reception. 
WTF Gallery is pleased to announce the art installation, “I will never smile again” by Prapat Jiwarangsan. Newly graduated from Royal College of Art, London, Prapat’s work depicts the personal psychological confusion arising from Thailand’s political and social/class conflicts. The exhibition is both politically and socially inspired and underlines the current tension surrounding Thailand’s complex relationship with personal liberty and freedom of expression. The exhibition’s concept derives from his experiences during his fine-art study in London, funded by the Thai Government. Through his obligatory relationship with; frequent attendance at; and finally exhibiting his work in; the Royal Embassy of Thailand-London, Prapat observes the extended meaning of social and diplomatic protocol conveyed within objects on the premises that translate into political meaning. Underlying much of the work is the 2010 violence in Bangkok that projected a reign of terror and confusion (particularly when viewed from outside of his home country,) that Prapat conveys with acute sensitivity to politics and contemporary society in an ongoing conceptual engagement. 
Searching for truth is not the objective of this show.  What matters is critical discourse, inquiry, comparison, change of outlook, understanding matters which are beyond your prediction and the value of being human, as well as the subjects who are acclaimed to be above humans. Whether you can see or are able to interpret the message clearly depends largely on the ability to perceive meaning beneath the surface “truths” of the artworks. All matters shown here are for you to consider whether you can still smile at these fictions.
Born in 1979, Prapat graduated with a Master of Fine Art from Royal College of Art, London in 2011. He is currently working as Artist and officer at Office of Contemporary Art and Culture, Ministry of Culture, Thailand. His works have been shown in Bangkok and London. 
The exhibition comprises 10 works including photo collages, installations, video art and multimedia works, created in 2010-2012. The exhibition is a continued version of his show in Royal Thai Embassy, London titled "The Impossible Dream", incorporating the mutation of meaning under evolving contexts and new environments, depicting the interaction of the human mind and artistic rendering into political meaning. 
Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday, 4-10pm
Free Admission


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