BANGKOK POETRY: The small, dark movie of your life


Thursday 15 December

For this event, we’ll be across the soi from WTF at Opposite.

This happening’s theme is “The small, dark movie of your life.”

Each performer is asked to contribute a video (of his/her own creation, or something found/borrowed/stolen from YouTube or Vimeo)
that can be projected and accompany the reading/performance. Unexpected juxtapositions, surprising play between word, sound, and image is encouraged.

For this event, spaces will be given first to performers who engage the theme and take part in the film project. But if you have a dark, filmic piece that you feel wouldn’t work with actual film being projected, email me as well and I’ll keep you in the mix.

Interested? Contact us ASAP to reserve your place. All videos must be sent to us on later than December 8th to give us time to compile the materials.

If you know of other poetry/story-minded folks that might be interested in participating, please forward this email along to them.


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