Saturday 15 October, 9PM

4PLAYERS will spin a superior selection of pressed wax Cosmic Diso, Deep House, Retro Funk, Afrobeat and live ocular masseuse FREELENSER will project and manipulate a live-mixed montage of colourful canopies, film edits and assorted eye-spinners


A tutorial from 4PLAYERS: 
“In more detail:  ‘Retro funk’, just in the sense of playing some classic funk tracks from the 70s, plus a funk tracks from the early to mid 80s with a more electronic feel (think of Prince).  ‘Afrobeat’, meaning afro-funk mostly from the 70s or modern reworkings of that sound (think of Fela Kuti).  ‘Deep House’, is a basic generic description for slower paced groovy house that you don’t have to dance to (but can if you want) that is sometimes soulful, sometimes melodic and always beautiful.  ‘Cosmic Disco’ (confusingly also called ‘Afro’) is a micro-genre that developed in the early 80s and generally involved slow paced, deep disco-ish sounds often with spacey synthesizers and electronic percussion.  If you’re interested you can check it out on wikipedia:  Aside from that we will probably play some more ‘traditional’ but slow paced and deep disco, some Italo Disco tracks and maybe some Old School Hip-Hop.  Hope that description’s not overkill! ;-)

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