Pata Negra (aka Jamon Iberico) Night

Wednesday 28 September, 7pm 

A cured leg of Pata Negra (aka Jamon Iberico) – the luscious black-footed ham of Spain and Portugal, consumes only acorns and delivers a rich, intense and unique flavour, developed in its 36 months of curing. Once unwrapped and sliced, it must be hung in a cool, dry environment. WTF has a cured leg of Pata Negra.

We do not have a cool, dry environment. Solution: unwrap, slice, eat all.

We can’t do it alone, therefore, we’ll be offering Pata Negra at a great price as part of a tapas ensemble:
Pata Negra 50gms, chorizo sausage, Manchego cheese, potato bombas and olives & almonds, all served with crusty warm bread, with choice of 2 beers, or glasses of wine or sangria. All for only 900 Baht!
You can also order only Pata Negra solo at 300THB/per 50gms. This is the best price you can find in Bangkok for the delicious black-footed pig!!


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