Addiction to Diagrams

15 September – 8 October  2011
Opening Reception
Thursday 15 September 2011, 7pm @ WTF Gallery
Exhibition on Information Visualization: Curated and Conceived by Gaia Scagnetti

“The power of a diagram is massive: it is synthetic because it can describe a highly complex object in one image; it is enlightening because it can reveal knowledge that was unnoticed; it is engaging because visualizations are beautiful. It gives people the possibility to interact, understand and  deal with numbers, data, complex topics and intricate problems.”

WTF Gallery is pleased to announce an interactive exhibition, Addiction to Diagrams, by Gaia Scagnetti. The exhibition is an interactive and educational display of information visualization, showing how data and numbers can be reconstructed into fun and engaging visual representations.

In this exhibition, Gaia curates her information visualization and mapping projects including the project developed with density design "City Murmur" which aims to show how the media differently describes the urban space through the attention that is given to each street of a city. In the hypothesis of the increasing importance of the online presence in contemporary society, a media geography has been generated intersecting the media scape with the geographical reality of the city.

In additional, there will be interactive panel that is developed from the concept of social network ‘relationship description’ which will be presented via the connection of expanding lines or colors. The audiences will be encouraged, during the exhibition, to add themselves and expand the graphs.


Gaia Scagnetti’s Bio Gaia Scagnetti is a PhD Researcher and Communication Designer whose investigations focus on the exploration and development of a Visual Epistemology for Strategic planning and Design education. Gaia is now senior Lecturer at the International Communication Design Programme in the? Faculty of Architecture at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. Before moving to Thailand she has been Post-Doctoral researcher and design strategist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she conducted qualitative research for design in the topic of social sustainability, connectivity and mobility.

In 2009 she obtained a PhD cum meritus in Industrial design and Multimedia Communication at the Politecnico di Milano. Her thesis work – The design practice of complexity. Communication atlas for social system integration processes – focused on the application of Complexity Science to the practice of Design in the context of social sustainable integration processes.
Her works have been featured in several conferences and exhibition (Academic Leaders Program) Tecnológico de Monterrey 2011, the MIT Humanities + Digital Conference, NetSci 2010 – Arts | Humanities | Complex Networks, the Virginia Tech Educate 09 Conference, SIGGRAPH 09 Emerging technology Conference, the Media LAB Prado – Visualizar 08 and publications and showcases (DataFlow 2,

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