Vivian Girls LIVE! + FREE!

Thursday 14 July, 9PM FREE

VENUE CHANGE - at Opposite (opposite WTF)

Brooklyn’s Vivian Girls —threesome guitarist/vocalist Cassie Ramone, bassist/vocalist Kickball Katy and new drummer Fiona Campbell—sharp and transcendent mix of garage thrash, girl-group warmth and infectious pop hooksmanship has made Vivian Girls one of America’s most celebrated and influential young bands.

Their third album — "Share the Joy has the most diverse batch of songs of any of our albums," Cassie observes. "I feel like these songs are more expansive; a lot of the themes and lyrics are less direct than other albums. These songs focus a lot on the themes of alienation, reconciliation, identity, and trying to figure out what really matters in life. It’s a dark album, but unlike our first two albums, it has a happy ending. 

"Our music continues to get more and more defined and developed, but it’s never going to be completely polished," Cassie asserts, adding, "A thing I like about our band is that we seem to mean different things to different people. Another thing I’m proud of is that, while a lot of people may have initially heard about us through internet buzz and things like that, I think our audience likes our music because it’s honest and because we mean it. I think that people can pick up on that."


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