Celebrate World Cocktail Week at WTF

In celebration of World Cocktail Week, Starting from tonight We’ll have a new cocktail every night thru Sat from Ted Saucier’s classic 1951 compendium, "Bottoms Up".

Tuesday 10 May 2011
"Bird & Bottle Old Fashioned" Courtesy, Bird & Bottle Inn, Garrison, New York
whiskey, angostura & orange bitters, lemon & orange peel

Wednesday 11 May 2011
"Patio Royal Mint Julep" Courtesy, The Patio Royal, New Orleans
bourbon, mint, triple sec

Thursday 12 May 2011
"Mike Romanoff" Courtesy, Romanoff’s, Beverly Hills, California
vodka, curacao, apricot liqueur, lime

Friday 13 May 2011
"Run Fizz"
Havana 3, dash of absinthe, lemon, egg white, soda

Saturday 14 May 2011
"Picadilly Circus"
dry gin, dry vermouth, dash of absinthe, dash grenadine

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