What The Festival: Short Films FREE!

Saturday 30 April, 6pm – FREE

Lost & Found: A Collection of Short Films

As part of a celebration of WTF Cafe & Gallery’s first anniversary, we have selected 4 of the Academy Award winning short films from the last few years to be screened in an intimate setting on the second floor of WTF. The films were selected under the theme ‘Lost & Found’ as they all portray stories of our tendency to get lost from time to time and our desire to find somewhere we belong, each in its own unique way.

The New Tenants, a story of two men on their first day of moving into a new apartment. Four people knock on their door, each looking to find something; whether a husband looking for a man who slept with his wife or a drug dealer looking for his possession. None of them found what they were looking for and this turned into a story that’s both funny and terrifying. It won an Academy Award for best live action short film in 2010. 
Directed by Joachim Back. Running time: 20 mins.
The Lost Thing, a story of a boy who discovers a bizarre looking creature that seems to be completely lost in a world where people barely notice its presence and are unwilling to entertain this uninvited interruption to their daily lives. The boy seems to be the only one who emphasizes with the creature and sets out to find a place where it belongs. It won an Academy Award for best animation short film in 2011
Directed by Andrew Ruhemann and Shaun Tan. Running time: 15 mins.
Toyland (Spielzeugland), a story that takes place in 1942 Germany during the Holocaust. A German mother frantically searches for her son who might have decided to accompany his Jewish friend to a Nazi concentration camp because of a little white lie she once told him that these Jewish families are simply moving to Toyland. It won an Academy Award for best live action short film in 2009. 
Directed by Jochen Alexander Freydank. Running time: 13 mins.
God of Love, a classic story of the ultimate human search: the search for true love. It is a comedy that follows the adventures of a lovestruck, louge-singing darts champion who finds his prayers are answered – literally – when he mysteriously receives a box of love-inducing darts. It won an Academy Award for best live action short film in 2011. 
Directed by Luke Matheny. Running time: 18 mins.


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