2nd Station Art Exhibition


OPENING PARY >> Friday, 5 November 19:00 

5 Nov – 5 Dec 2010
Tuesday – Sunday  3 pm – 10 pm 


2nd Station Exhibition by the graduate students of Art Theory, Silpakorn University


If man’s thought is a means of transport, things visible to our own eyes would be the "1st Station" of the material world. And if the mind travels further to the "2nd  Station", one can find special hidden things. Although the way to the 2nd  Station is ambiguous, one has to examine, contemplate, and gradually move along.

2nd Station is a contemporary art exhibition that encourages the audience to discover the potential meanings of art beyond material world, by moving from the 1st Station, the image of art object, to the 2nd Station where only the mind could reach.


WTF Gallery is pleased to announce a 2nd station, an art exhibition by Dusadee Huntrakul, Thana Hataiwanitsiri, Jutamas Chayawanich on 2nd, 3rd floor of WTF Café & Gallery. The exhibition organized by Shinkanzen, a group of ten graduate students from Silpakorn University, comprises three different sets of recent artwork by three artists. In the first collection, Dusadee will show his conceptual art through 10 thought-provoking sticker messages created under the concept of self-censorship. In the second set, Thana shows black-and-white photographs to unfold the ”abstract” beauty of lines, dimensions, and rhythmic compositions of urban architecture. Juthamas’ Intaglio prints, in the third collection, give hints of the mysterious bond between man and place over time.



Dusadee Huntrakul’s life is full of journeys. He usually collects new experiences while traveling as a source of inspiration to create his artwork. “You touch my jellyfish. I touch your oyster.” was his debut exhibition at THE STUDIO, Inglewood, CA  in 2007. Later that same year he continued with his second show,  “Can we sit on it?”, at UCLA New Wight Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. Recently, in 2010, Dusadee has exhibited “Incognito 2010” in Santa Monica Museum, California, and has been a selected artist in ‘Brand New 2010′, organized by Bangkok University Gallery (bug) where his work recounted the story of his eventful journeys combined with imaginary wanderings.


Thana Hataiwanitsiri has a passionate interest in art, especially architectural photography, in which the photographer is able to articulate colours, lines, lights and moments to precisely capture the "perfect" elements within each photograph. In the “Line & Dimension” series, Thana discloses his particular vision through the piquancy of lines, lights and shadows. Thana’s past works were included in “A Decade of Light & Shadow” exhibition in 2006 at I-Gallery and in “Move on” run by Department of Communication Art and Design, Faculty of Architecture, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang in 2007.


Jutamas Chayawanich has mastered a variety of techniques in printmaking during university and has been featured in a number of art exhibitions in Thailand and abroad. She grew up peacefully in an old, traditional house and her childhood memories have become a source of inspiration for her artwork ever since. Despite living a fast-paced city life, old buildings in Bangkok remind Juthamas of the quite moments of her childhood, reflecting the buried sentiments that she can never forget.







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