Nocturne: Photography of the Night

OPENING PARY >> Thursday, 7 October 18:00

7 Oct – 31 Oct 2010
Tuesday – Sunday  3 pm – 10 pm 

 documents photographic works of photographers Pengii Tanaboon and Peduckk. Both spearhead “nightlife photography” movement which is still a novelty in Thailand. Their works differ from the usual event photography where celebrities strike a pose in front of a backdrop full of logos. Pengii and Peduckk retell and document the lives of the 20-somethings underground and semi-underground clubbers in Bangkok.



Pengii Tanaboon >
Pengii captures the glare of party spot lights like car high-beams sweeping your consciousness. Overwhelmed by hard hitting music and sensations, his photos are distorted to serve the height of madness and that certain minute before all sanity is forsaken. He represents a time of no thoughts, but just reaction to the sound and mood coursing through your system, and you are the blinding centre of it.

Peduckk >
While Pengii’s photos delve deep in raw club energy, Peduckk operates on another end of spectrum. Her photographs show the before and after–parentheses of a wild night. They are full of preparation processes and dénouement of a night out surrounded by new and old friends. Peduckk softy tells a story of expectations, quirkiness, regrets, lost confidence, and unnoticed corners. It is as if the night has been stolen away like a passing glance in a mirror.


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