What’s that floating outside of WTF?

Circle by Teerapon Hosanga, part of the upcoming show; Form of The Formless. WTF presents 6 sculptures for Teeerapon’s first solo show opening on August 19th.

‘Teerapon’s light, rhomboidal, light-flooded structures are close to architectural blueprints by Frank O. Gehry, abb architects, Vito Acconci or NOX architects from the last decade. His steep sloping spaces and dimensions, the “multi-sidedness” of his sculptures, and the seemingly organic growth of architectural spaces in every direction and every dimension are today found more so in avant-garde architecture than in the field of sculpture. As sculptures, but also as possible architectural models, Teerapon’s works seem therefore in every way surprising and modern”. – Dr. Axel Feuss

19 August – 5 October 2010

Opening Reception: Thursday, 19 August 2010, 6-8pm

See the artworks here>>

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